Dalla tradizione nobile fiorentina dell’arte dei profumi, Emanuela Biffoli Firenze ha dato vita ad una collezione di fragranze dall’essenza ricercata e femminile. Racconti segreti riscoperti in onore di una Rinascita dei sensi. Un’interpretazione che evoca in chiave moderna il fascino ancestrale dell’arte che Caterina De’ Medici fece nascere a Firenze. Intriganti texture olfattive sviluppate e realizzate da esperti profumieri fiorentini con materie prime di altissima qualità per vivere un’emozione senza tempo attraverso un bouquet di note olfattive raffinato ed esclusivo. Un mondo affascinante e misterioso firmato Emanuela Biffoli.


  • HEAD NOTES:Damask Rose, Pink Pepper, Nutmeg, Cloves.
  • HEART NOTES:Myrrh, Opoponax, Saffron, Jasmine, Geranium.
  • BASE NOTESOud, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Musk.

Le Rose di San Giovanni

The story of Rosae is dense with magic and presages and tells about the Night of San Giovanni, the patron saint of Florence. This magical night decided the destinies of love of the young Florentine girls. Tradition has it that between June 23rd and 24th, all the girls of marriage age would hang a basin of water with rose petals over doors and windows. The infusion was exposed to the night dew until the following morning, when it would have absorbed the roses aromas and perfumes. The girls would then use the flower water to wash their faces in an auspicious propitiatory rite to get a silky and perfumed skin, which would allow them to dream of the love of their life.


  • HEAD NOTES:Vervain, Pink Grapefruit, Sicilian Cedar, Basil Leaves, Spearmint.
  • HEART NOTES Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Green Tea.
  • BASE NOTESCedar Wood, Vetiver, Gray Amber.

La Notte di San Lorenzo

With its shooting stars and summer scents, the most magical night of the year has always been The Night of San Lorenzo. From enchanting and suggestive places such as Piazzale Michelangelo and the Florentine hill of Bellosguardo, everyone’s eyes look at the sky to catch a shooting star’s glowing trail and make a wish. These spectacular and breath-taking showers of light are among the most spectacular phenomena of the sky, and they are called Leonids because they originate in the Leo constellation, into which the Sun enters exactly on August 10th. It is the night of the senses, excited with astonishment and trepidation, and inebriated with the scents of the woods, meadows, freshly cut hay, and wheat.


  • HEAD NOTES:Bulgarian Rose, Violet.
  • HEART NOTES Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Cloves
  • BASE NOTES: Arabian Amber, Vanilla.

La Dama con Ghirlanda

Aware of the boundless feminine power, the Florentine ladies of the Renaissance period loved opulent dresses, precious fabrics, the purest pearls, and gold thread embroidery. They were absolute protagonists of that time, and emphasised the mankind evolution through their luxury in such a magical period, characterised by the pleasure of beauty, whose only limit was fantasy. The hair, gathered up in elegant hairstyles inspired by the ethereal figures painted by Botticelli, was wrapped in flashy garlands decorated with precious metals, silk laces or peacock feathers, and sparkling with the most inebriating and enveloping scents.


  • HEAD NOTES: Grapes, Wild Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry.
  • HEART NOTES Leather, Incense, Black Pepper.
  • BASE NOTES: Cedar Wood, Bamboo, Vetiver, White Musk.

Le Nozze di Caterina

On 28th October 1533, the wedding between Caterina De’ Medici and Henry of Valois, future King of France, was celebrated with great pomp in Marseille. Their love was passionate and ardent as the one illustrated in the myth of Apollo and Daphne. Caterina was enigmatic, attracted by Nostradamus’ magical and divinatory arts, and was considered one of the most influential personalities of her time. Her life was shrouded in mysteries and legends that still hover around her name today. She was accused of corruption, witchcraft and poisoning. In fact, she was a refined, enlightened and progressive woman. Catherine, also known as the Florentine woman who led France, jealously guarded all her secrets. She was keen on alchemy, arts, and fashion, and with the help of his trusted perfumer she introduced the use of perfumes to the French court, thus making them an essential element to increase the nobility and prestige of the people who wore them. The most fascinating women of that time would then wear these intense and charismatic fragrances to be the protagonists of their own lives.


  • HEAD NOTES: Seaweed, Melon, Lemon.
  • HEART NOTES Jasmine, Geranium, Cyclamen.
  • BASE NOTES: White Musk, Sandalwood.

Lino Bianco

Fin dal Rinascimento, giorno dopo giorno, anno dopo anno fino ad oggi, dalla nascita delle proprie figlie fino al loro matrimonio, le madri colmavano un baule, nascosto in fondo alla stanza, di lenzuola di lino. Negli empori di allora, sceglievano le tele più fini, i colori più delicati, il bianco più candido da personalizzare con decori e tecniche segrete trasmesse di generazione in generazione, di ago in ago. Passavano ore a lavorare con passione il tessuto eterno, una delle fibre naturali più resistenti in natura, le cui proprietà sono in grado di regalare un sonno rigenerante e di portare alla memoria il profumo della biancheria stesa al sole, scaldata dal vento nelle lunghe giornate d’estate.

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